About us

Advertise your business in front of a highly targeted demographic group at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising mediums. The World Wide Web stretches the historical boundaries of traditional advertising by allowing you to reach military, dependent, and civilian patrons all from a single source. Here are some facts about our clientele: Worldwide active duty U.S. military personnel number approximately 1.2 million. In addition, there are approximately 850,000 reservists and 700,000 civilian personnel. More than half of active duty and reserve personnel have families, which greatly increases the number of overall visitors to our sites.

Military bases contribute billions of dollars to their respective local economies

74% of the U.S. population utilizes the internet. What does this mean to you as an advertiser? You win because our site attracts visitors from all branches of the military, not only in the local area, but worldwide, expanding your reach to a much broader, yet tightly targeted military audience.

We dominate our market! A quick look on a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) will show you how great our presence is on the web with the military community.